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Open Records Request

The Texas Public Information Act provides the public the right to request access to city records either for public inspection or to obtain copies. Public information is defined as any information that is collected. assembled, or maintained by or for a governmental entity in connection with the transaction of official business. The Act requires that requests for public information be submitted in writing. There are links below for submitting requests. You may also submit a request in person, by mail, or fax, attention: City Secretary. Requests should be for documents that are already in existence. The City of Blue Mound is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, create new information, or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis. Please note that any request for information is considered a public record and your request may be made public.

When submitting a request for public information, please keep in mind that some information may accrue a cost to process. Should it be determined that your request will be in excess of $40, a cost estimate will be provided to you.

In most cases, the City will make the records available within ten (10) business days after the date you submit your request. If the records you requested contain confidential information, the City may submit those records to the Texas Attorney General for a ruling. If this is necessary, you will be notified.

All official open record requests must go through the City Secretary, Records Management Officer.

Questions should be directed to the City Secretary.